Philip Schou
  Philip Schou was member of the jury for group IX (Porcelain and Fajance) during the 1873
  World's Fair in Vienna. He compiled a small carte de visite album with photographs of other
  members of the jury together with Emperor Franz Joseph I and Archduke Rainer which he
  both met.
On the first page he wrote the following:

"Udstellingen Wien 1873
Jeg var Medlem af Juryen for Porcelain og Fajance
og opholdt mig i longere tid i Wien med Clara. Jeg blev Ridder af Franz-Josephs Ordenen


De indsatte Portaetter ere tagne af Jurymedlemmer"

World's Fair Vienna 1873
I was member of the Jury for Porcelain and Fajance and stayed myself for a longer
period in Vienna with Clara. I became Knight of the Franz-Joseph order.

Ph. S.

The portrets inside have been given by Jury members.
I'm always interested in
biographical information of the
Information is taken exactly from the album. Translation is given below the original text.

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