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PHOTOGRAPHS or DOCUMENTS relating to various 18th or 19th century persons.
Photo 1

Joseph Thomas Clover (1825-1882), surgeon, pioneer anaesthetist.

Son of John Wright Clover and his second wife Elizabeth Mary Ann Peterson (1791-1883). He married in 1869 Mary Ann Hall (1839-1929).

Identification "Joseph Thomas Clover age 57. Born Feb 28th 1825. Died Sept 27th 1882" and in ink, on reverse of photo "Martin" and
"Joseph Thomas Clover aet 57.
b. Feb 28th 1826.
m. Nov 2nd 1869
dd. Sept 27th 1882".

The name "Martin" at the reverse might indicate that the photo was reserved for him.
Valentine Blanchard,
Joseph Thomas Clover (1825-1882), pioneer anaesthetist
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