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PHOTOGRAPHS or DOCUMENTS relating to various 18th or 19th century persons.
Photo 106

Joseph Thomas Clover (1825-1882), surgeon, pioneer anaesthetist.

Son of John Wright Clover and his second wife Elizabeth Mary Ann Peterson (1791-1883). He married in 1869 Mary Ann Hall (1839-1929).

With, in the hand of Joseph T. Clover, in pencil at reverse "This is the only one of the lot wh(ich) I think need not to be multiplied. Each of the others is so excellent in its way as to make selection difficult. A large number should be printed at once of the successfull three" and "JBb.......... Brading July 17, 1877". Same sitting as photograph 102.
Valentine Blanchard,
Joseph Thomas Clover (1825-1882), surgeon, pioneer anaesthetist
The Eastern Window