Parenteel van Ralph Creffield J.V. v.d. Wal - MMVII -

2007  J.V. v.d. Wal

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Generation I

I  Ralph Creffield, son of N.N. Creffield.

Of Ralph and a still unknown woman three children are known:

1  Sir Ralph Creffield, see II.

2  Edmund Creffield died Was drowned.

3  Joseph Creffield, Rector of Freshwater, Isle of Wight.

Died without issue

Generation II

II  Sir Ralph Creffield, son of Ralph Creffield (I).

Ralph was married in 1684 (bron: A.J. van der Zeeuw) with the 23 years old Rachel Tayspill, daughter of George Tayspill and Rachel Benne. Rachel was christened on Friday 20 May 1661 at Colchester (?) (bron: A.J. van der Zeeuw).

Of Ralph and Rachel five children are known:

1  Ralph Creffield, see III.

2  N.N. Creffield.

3  N.N. Creffield.

4  N.N. Creffield.

5  N.N. Creffield.

Generation III

III  Ralph Creffield, son of Sir Ralph Creffield (II) and Rachel Tayspill.

Ralph was married to Mary Webster.

Mary was married to Charles Gray.

Of Ralph and Mary three children are known:

1  Peter Creffield, see IV.

2  Hannah Creffield.

Hannah was married on Tuesday 26 July 1740 at Stratford St. Mary (bron: LDS) with George Wegg.

3  Sarah Creffield.

Died without issue

Generation IV

IV  Peter Creffield, son of Ralph Creffield (III) and Mary Webster.

Peter was married to Thamar Langley.

Of Peter and Thamar two children are known:

1  Peter Creffield.

Died young

2  Thamar Creffield.

Thamar was married to James Round.

Peter was married to N.N..



Rachel (?) II


Edmund (?) I.2; Hannah (?) III.2; Joseph (?) I.3; N.N. (?) II.2, II.3, II.4, II.5, I; Peter (?) IV.1, IV; Ralph (?) III, II, I; Sarah (?) III.3; Thamar (?) IV.2


Charles (?) III


Thamar (?) IV


James (?) IV.2


George (?) II; Rachel (1661) II


Mary (?) III


George (?) III.2

without surname

N.N. (?) IV





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