Photo 16

Henry Hoare (1838-1898); his daughter Linda Hoare (1869-....); son Percival Henry Hoare (1868-1888) and probably Charles Marsham (1864-1933), 5th Earl  of Romney.

Henry Hoare was the son of Henry Hoare (1807-1866) and Mary Marsham (1811-1871). In 1865 he married Beatrice Ann Paley (1843-1945). Linda and Percy were there children. Charles Marsham was the son of Charles Marsham (1841-1905), 4th Earl of Romney and Frances Augusta Constance Muir Rawdon-Hastings (1844-1910).

Identified "Mr. Hoare & Linda, Percy Hoare & Lord Marsham".

  The Eastern Window
PHOTOGRAPHS or DOCUMENTS relating to various 18th or 19th century persons.
Henry, Linda and Percival Hoare with Charles Marsham, 5th Earl Romney.
The Eastern Window