The Eastern Window
Frederick Gustavus Burnaby (1842-1885).
British traveller - adventurer, Times correspondent and soldier.
Crossed the English channel in a hot air balloon; made travels through various
countries and wrote about his journeys in Russian Asia (A ride to Khiva) and
through Asia Minor where he was much interested in the Russian frontier.
Became interested in politics but retained no success and sought action in
Egypt where he was an intelligence officer during the Suakim campaign.
He died fighting the battle of Abu Klea.
In 1879 he married Elizabeth Alice Frances Hawkins-Whitshed who was an active

Cdv by Robert W. Thrupp, Birmingham. c 1870-75.

Size ca 2 1/5 x 3 3/5 inches (photo) and 2,5 x 4 1/10 inches (mount).
Scan is slightly enlarged.

Condition is very good with some scuffing in center (visible when holding at an angle).
Original is a bit darker toned.

Price € 55
Frederick Gustavus Burnaby (1842-1885) adventurer